Blue-check Harvard instructor brags about spam-reporting James Lindsay into suspension for calling out adults who are literally sexualizing children

Nothing says you’re big and bad like bragging about suspending someone on Twitter.

Especially if you’re a Twitter-approved blue-check.

Ok, so you guys know we’re being sarcastic, right? Alejandra Carabello is quite proud of herself (themselves?) for spam-reporting James Lindsay over and over and over again (which is technically a violation of their terms or service by itself) because he called out adults who are literally sexualizing children.

And she thinks that makes her the good guy.

Weird, right?

Oooh, so tough.

How DARE James Lindsay call out adults for sexualizing children! Oh … wait. What?

Side note, WTF Twitter? It’s hateful behavior to protect children from creepy a*s adults? REALLY?!

And ain’t none of it any good.

What a weak, cowardly, lazy way to shut someone down you disagree with. Sounds a little fascist-y to this editor.

The nerve of him.

So that means he wins …


Make sure Alejandra knows that, we want her to know.



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