Elon Musk fires back at ‘dopey Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’ for loudly rejecting his offer like a big tough guy on Twitter and BOOMITY

As Twitchy readers MORE than know by now, Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter and it was a more than fair offer, which is probably why so many Leftists have lost their damn minds over it. It could happen. And as you also likely know, dear reader, it has been a long day of making fun of these same people just losing their ever-loving minds over this possibility.

Lookin’ at you, Max Boot.

Even one of the current Twitter big-wigs, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, talked some smack at Elon claiming his offer wasn’t enough, even though their stock only went up after Elon himself bought a bunch of it. Elon fired back … we aren’t holding our breath for dopey Alwaleed (as Trump called him) to respond:

Answer Elon’s questions, princey prince prince.

Yeah, we aren’t great at the whole tough-guy talk. Perhaps we should leave that up to Elon.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a big supporter of free speech to us.

Just sayin’.


Something like that.

Wow, this has been one crazy day … and all because one billionaire could level the playing field when it comes to free speech.

Stay tuned.



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