Main event, start time, weigh-ins, round-by-round results; Marvin Feterika fumes after TKO loss to Toese Vousiutu

Justis Huni’s camp is on high alert over potential last-minute “dirty” tactics Joe Goodall’s camp could use to get an upper hand in tonight’s blockbuster heavyweight fight.

The two camps had a meeting this morning to discuss which gloves would be used in the fight, with Huni’s father, Rocki, Goodall’s trainer Kevin Barry and Huni’s promoter Dean Lonergan among those present.

Lonergan warned the officials regarding a well-known trick Barry uses that he believes could cause Huni significant damage if it is allowed.

“I know for a fact that they’re using what’s called Everlast MX gloves. They’re known as puncher’s gloves,” Lonergan told Wide World of Sports.

“What that will do is that will separate the gloves at the knuckle. Where the glove goes across the knuckle, they’ll use their fingers to push the horse hair and the composite material away from the knuckle so the knuckle come through.

“I’ve seen this shit before from them, that’s what they used to do. Kevin will wrap his hands extremely well, so he’ll probably have a little bit of rubber just on top of his knuckles, then he’ll have a hard wrap on top of that. It’s like getting hit with concrete when it comes through.”

There were also concerns from the Goodall camp regarding Huni’s Adidas gloves, with a 11th-hour request for the gloves to be weighed before the 23-year-old wears them.

Lonergan has also spoken to officials about in-fight moves that Goodall could use, saying his legendary trainer Barry is in the “hurt game” rather than the “boxing game”.

“You’ll see how lethal this is. They’ll be hitting behind the ears, behind the head, wrenching elbows at the clinches, headbutting, hitting below the belt, and he’ll be standing on his feet as much as he can.

“I promise you these are all the tactics Kevin Barry is bringing to the table on a regular basis when he’s got fighters who aren’t as skilled as the other fighters. Kevin Barry is not in the boxing game, Kevin Barry is in the hurt game and the winning game.

“If there’s an intentional foul and our guy gets a cut, I want them thrown out of the ring. This is the shit that they bring to the table.”

Huni and Goodall are expected to get their clash underway at 10pm AEST, with the main event being no earlier than 9:30pm at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena.