The Falcons Enter The 2022 Season With Nothing To Lose

(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)


For the Atlanta Falcons, 2022 is a season they want done and over with before the season even starts.

There’s nothing coming out of Atlanta to give the team any hope for this NFL season.

Their entire roster has seen a shake-up for 2022.

After trading their franchise quarterback Matt Ryan to the Colts, the team has a new QB under center.

They also lost their best receiver to a one-year suspension for gambling on NFL games.

So when everything shows you’ve hit rock-bottom, that means there’s nothing left to lose.

It also means there’s nowhere but up from here.

However, that path up will not be easy for the team.

But they can start laying the groundwork for a better season in 2023 by making moves now in 2022.


Falcons Giving Jalen Dalton A Chance In 2022 Is A Risk They Are Willing To Take

With a defense that was horrible last season, the Falcons need some help on that front.

The signing of Jalen Dalton to a one-year deal could be a start for them.

He is a young talent that the Saints had high hopes for when he played for them.

However, his injury history prevented him from playing most games in New Orleans.

That’s where the Falcons are taking a risk on him.

But that risk can reward them if he stays healthy in 2022 and beyond.

He was a talented college player who never took off as an NFL player.

However, he can change that in 2022 with the Falcons.


Falcons Have Nothing To Lose On Marcus Mariota

With most people feeling the Falcons will finish last, they have nothing to lose with Marcus Mariota as their starter.

If they finish the season with the worst record, they will at least have the first overall pick in 2023.

That pick could go to drafting a quarterback from a 2023 draft class that promises exceptional talent at QB.

However, if they do well with him at quarterback, it means that maybe Mariota has found his second chance as a starter.

He lost his job as a starting quarterback when Tennessee replaced him with Ryan Tannehill.

While he didn’t perform in Tennessee like fans wanted him to, he could find a new life in Atlanta.


Losing Could Still Mean A Win For Atlanta

With no one expecting Atlanta to do well in 2022, that could actually be a good thing.

If they lose games, that gives them better placement in the NFL draft.

They can then use that draft capital to get young new talent.

Or they could use their draft picks as a bargaining chip in trades for players.

Either way, losing gives the Falcons a win in another very important area for their future as a team.

However, it’s up to ownership to make sure the right players are drafted and the right coaches are in place for them.

So it could also backfire on them if they make poor choices.

But for now, it looks like Atlanta will win big in the 2023 NFL Draft by losing games this season.