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The goal of World Football Network
Our goal is to strengthen relations between other people and work to add unique and distinctive content at a time when there is a major crisis. While safeguarding everyone’s intellectual property rights, World Football Network always strives to publish meaningful content for our visitors and readers.

Publication Policy at World Football Network
The newspaper respects the copyright and property rights of all other websites, government agencies, and all other newspapers and news people, so we believe in the intellectual rights of all people and institutions in the world.

The management of World Football Network apologized for posting content that violated the law.
The administration of the newspaper is under no obligation to publish all news and articles that come to it, and the administration of the site is committed to technical considerations related to the authors, editors, and the entire management of the newspaper.

The management of World Football Network for publishing content that expresses bias in any way against groups, religions, sectors, people, or ideas, and also apologizes for not publishing content that leads to sectarian disputes between sects, religions, and sects of the people. Articles or other material in which some words and phrases are immoral and offensive to newspaper pioneers, or include any form of defamation or attack on a person or institution.