A celebration of Filipino talent and diversity

The challenge endeavors to discover more world-class Filipino talents from all over the country.

Newest telco player DITO Telecommunity encourages more Filipinos and DITOzens nationwide to showcase their skills and talents in singing, dancing, rapping, and instrument-playing with the second wave of #GalingDITO TikTok Challenge. This time around, participants have the chance to win a bigger P100,000 cash prize and more rewards from the telco.

The GalingDITO movement was launched on July 12 with the tagline “Ipakita ang galing, saan man galing,” which celebrated homegrown, up-and-coming Filipino talents all over the nation. Culminating in the production of an entire music video, the effort gathered diverse Filipino artists and performers across the country like singer Marga Jayy, rapper February Bank, dance group Femme Manila, the Buganda Drum Beaters, Ilocos-based rapper Fairy Flojo, Cebu-based rapper Cookie$ and P-Pop boy group 13C and many more. The video also highlighted picturesque landscapes showing various parts of the Philippines, further affirming DITO’s nation-building thrusts.

Besides highlighting the creativity of the Filipino people, the “Galing DITO” movement also aims to inspire every Filipino to take the stage, proudly represent their regions, and be part of a bigger digital community that shares a common heritage.

“The movement is a form of bayanihan with Filipinos supporting fellow talents while also celebrating and encouraging one another. DITO believes that as individuals, Filipinos are already remarkably talented, but as one telecommunity, Filipinos can achieve something bigger together,” said Evelyn Jimenez, DITO’s Chief Commercial Officer.

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The first wave of the #GalingDITO TikTok Challenge on June 19 generated over 2,000 musical entries nationwide. With this second wave, which just concluded on August 31, the challenge endeavors to discover more world-class Filipino talents from all over the country.

Winners will soon be released over DITO’s official Facebook page of DITO at https://www.facebook.com/DITOphofficial, or official website at https://dito.ph// https://www.galingdito.ph./