Hamas is Making it Difficult for Liberal Journalists to Defend Them! Redsteeze Calls Out Squishy Journo – Twitchy

You know it’s a tough time for liberal journalists when they have to whine that Hamas isn’t making their jobs easier. They work so hard to build such a carefully structured narrative and here comes along the Hamas spokesperson who knocks it all down.

How should the Hamas spokesperson better prepare his remarks on the mass killing of Jews? Is the issue here that he really just needs media coaching?

Vox journalist laments that the Hamas spokesman is clearly articulating the ideology and objectives of Hamas. Because when the Hamas spokesman goes on TV to explain that his organization’s goal is to kill Jews, and he’s willing to sacrifice the lives of Palestinians for as long as it takes to achieve that goal, it makes it very difficult for liberal media to rationalize and promote.


The media, in general, seem disappointed in Hamas for not helping them craft their preferred narrative.

It’s almost like Hamas isn’t confused at all about their core priorities.

The problem is the leftwing media have embraced a particular story around what motivates Hamas and Hamas is not interested in indulging that fantasy.

Maybe it’s time to just listen and BELIEVE what they tell us about their own goals?


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