Hay fever warning issued for Victoria as high pollen count worsens

Victorians suffering from hay fever have been warned to stay indoors until Thursday as extreme pollen levels push across the state.

Melbourne Pollen issued the warning on Friday that a warmer-than-average spring and prevailing winds will result likely higher grass pollen levels.

Leading pollen expert Dr Edwin Lampugnani, of Melbourne University’s school of biosciences, told 3AW on Friday the those with hay fever should be cautious and potentially stay indoors until Thursday.

It is estimated one in five Australians suffer from hay fever.

“If you’ve got allergies to grass pollens, it’s certainly advisable,” Dr Lampugnani said.

“Be advised and take medications early. It can be debilitating.

“There will be extreme grass pollen levels across parts of Victoria … from Sunday to at least Thursday.”

The grass pollen forecast for much of Victoria is “extreme”, and in the southern part of the state it’s “high”.

It’s the earliest start to pollen season in 30 years, according to Melbourne Pollen.

The grass pollen forecast for the state’s north, northeast, Mallee and Wimmera is “extreme” on Friday, while the east remains on “high”.

Melbourne is low, while the southwest remains moderate.

There’s already been nine high grass pollen days since October 1, compared to five days during the same time period in 2020.

The latest high pollen count has left experts concerned.

Forecasts predict high-to-extreme grass pollen levels across northern Victoria tomorrow and by Monday a statewide forecast of extreme grass pollen levels is anticipated.

People are advised to check the Melbourne Pollen website or use the Melbourne Pollen Count app to keep up to date with current warnings.

Originally published as Hay fever warning issued for Victoria as high pollen count worsens