He ‘Fundamentally Hates Humanity’ – Twitchy

Elon Musk is a very interesting man. And sometimes, he says very interesting (and accurate) things.

Today, The New York Post reported on what Elon Musk thinks about George Soros.

They elaborate:

Billionaire Elon Musk launched a new attack against fellow mogul George Soros, arguing the 93-year-old Democratic mega-donor erodes “the fabric of civilization.”

Musk, who earlier this year compared the Holocaust survivor to the X-Men supervillain Magneto, blasted the philanthropist for bankrolling progressive, soft-on-crime prosecutors.

“In my opinion, he fundamentally hates humanity,” Musk said during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Tuesday.

“He’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization, getting DAs elected who refuse to prosecute crime. That’s part of the problem in San Francisco and LA and other cities.”

Musk went on to push his own theory for why Soros uses his Open Society Foundations to focus on local races instead of national campaigns.

“Once you get to city and state district attorneys, the value for money is extremely good,” Musk said. “Soros realized you don’t actually need to change the laws; you just need to change how they’re enforced.”

Musk is a smart man.

It’s not the first time he’s talked about Soros, either.

A good analogy.


His actions certainly indicate that.

Exactly correct.

Yes he is.

Yes, it has been. In every city with a Soros-funded DA.


Yes he is.

Might as well.

Okay, we giggled.

Maybe this is a harbinger that Musk plans to do something? 

Perhaps too kind, but on point nonetheless.

Also a valid point: the local races, the ones many people don’t pay attention to, are the ones that really matter. Soros, as Musk pointed out, knows this and acts accordingly. We should, too.


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