Health Justice Activist Says Israel Has Lost the Respect of ‘Civilization’ – Twitchy

As Twitchy reported Monday, Democratic activist Peter Daou announced that Israel has already lost the war of “public perception.” It is true that Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel drew out antisemites from all around the globe and had them protesting in the streets. Everyone seems to forget that it was Israel that was attacked or just ignores the fact. And it doesn’t help that the mainstream media keeps getting its press releases from the Gaza Health Ministry, i.e., Hamas.

NHS medical consultant Dr. Dan Goyal takes Daou’s claim a step further, saying that Israel hasn’t just lost the public perception war but also the respect of civilization itself.

We’re sure Israel’s broken up to hear that, but who exactly is “civilization”? Hamas? Terrorist sympathizers? The UN?


Israel is the very definition of civilization and has been hated for it by those who want them dead. Civilization isn’t paragliding into a music festival and killing innocent civilians.

Wasn’t it Gandhi who said of Western civilization, “I think it would be a good idea.” The antisemitic terrorist sympathizers who want Jews exterminated don’t speak for “civilization.”


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