Heartbreak-Healing Dating Apps : raw

RAW is a different kind of dating app and it’s one that champions authenticity by having users share the real version of themselves with daily photo updates that are captured in real-time. Now, RAW is changing the online dating game with a pledge to mend broken hearts. RAW is calling for users to share their stories of heartbreak on TikTok, and every month, the app gives the contributor behind the most resonating story access to its Premium version.

What’s more, RAW also rewards every month’s winner with an all-expenses-paid dream date. The company pledges $30,000 to make a memorable date and help one user at a time rewrite their past. According to RAW co-founder Marina Anderson, “Our goal is to heal 100 broken hearts weekly. Only by sharing experiences and supporting one another, we can not just move past the pain but open our hearts to love again.”