International Ipoh Fashion Week returns

THE much-anticipated International Ipoh Fashion Week (IIFW) is back for its fifth season, concluding the current year’s edition. The dazzling fashion extravaganza and one of Ipoh’s most eagerly awaited event is set to take place from Dec 1 to 3 go beyond mere appearance and provide a memorable experience.

Founded by Louis Sebastian, this fashion extravaganza receives official endorsement and backing from the Perak state government, Tourism Perak and Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh. IIFW serves as a stage for celebrating Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage.

By incorporating Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous elements, it seamlessly merges with global fashion excellence, reinforcing Perak’s position as an emerging fashion hub where style transcends borders.

The latest fashion from up-and-coming designers will also be displayed at the inclusive event, alongside well-known fashion labels and industry leaders from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Singapore, India and the Philippines.

Founder Louis Sebastian hopes to transcent fashion in Ipoh.

During the second press conference held at the Avante Hotel in Bandar Utama, Sebastian expressed, “IIFW season five holds great promise as we aim to surpass our previous accomplishments. We are enthusiastic about reuniting fashion, tourism, charity and community once more, establishing a platform where creativity converges with compassion.”

“Being a founder is never an easy task. We started this journey in 2017 and have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves on a global scale. Today, we have followers from 87 countries on our website, which reflects the growing interest in our work,” he said.

In addition, the fifth season also places a significant emphasis on the importance of community and offering assistance to those who are struggling. Sebastian added, “Our focus extends beyond fashion, as we also aim to promote tourism and give back to society.

It’s a threefold mission we’re committed to. We look forward to support from everyone because our ultimate goal is to contribute to hospitals. We need your help, contributions and assistance to make this vision a reality.”

Popular veteran singer DJ Dave, who is also part of IIFW season five, emphasised, “Your contributions will be put to a meaningful cause and this is the right moment. With your support, someone out there will have a reason to smile.”

“By attending the IIFW, you’re not just witnessing incredible fashion – you’re becoming a part of a transformation that will impact the lives of children and their families,” Dave added.

The three-day event encompasses distinct, special venues. The first night, features a red carpet black-tie Royal Charity Gala Dinner held at the Jubilee Ballroom, Royal Perak Golf Club in Ipoh.

The event will be graced by the presence of Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim, members of the Perak royal family, ambassadors and celebrities. On the second day, the morning will begin with an open-to-the-public Fashion Street Runway event in the iconic Ipoh Old Town from 9.30am to noon, followed by a luncheon at 22 Hale Street.

The highlight of the event will be the exceptional closing fashion showcase, scheduled from 7pm to 10pm at Lumut Waterfront Maritime.

Additionally, there will be a TLDM carnival, and this part of the event will be accessible to the general public. Attendees can look forward to live performances by Dave, featuring a mix of his classic hits and latest songs.

They will also enjoy a performance by local favourite, Ayu Damit, along with a range of other engaging activities.

For more information on the International Ipoh Fashion Week 2023, visit its website at