Links 11/2/2023 | naked capitalism

Galápagos Giant Tortoises Are Ecosystem Engineers Smithsonian Magazine

Federal jury verdict on broker fees rocks real estate industry Axios

Dementia Risk Rises When Deep Sleep Falls MedPage Today

Remains of planet that formed the Moon may be hiding near Earth’s core Ars Technica


Walmart’s ‘Regenerative Foodscape’ Civil Eats

Air pollution raises risk of type 2 diabetes, says landmark Indian study The Guardian


All variants of COVID-19 virus can infect the brain, study finds New Atlas (David)

Association of SARS-CoV-2 Infection during Early Weeks of Gestation with Situs Inversus The New England Journal of Medicine

Effectiveness of Nirmatrelvir–Ritonavir Against the Development of Post–COVID-19 Conditions Among U.S. Veterans Annals of Internal Medicine. Conclusion: “Out of 31 potential PCCs, only combined thromboembolic events seemed to be reduced by nirmatrelvir–ritonavir.”

Vaccine Confidence Falls as Belief in Health Misinformation Grows Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania


The world’s largest waterfall is actually underwater ZME Science

Desert plant collects water from air by excreting salt on its leaves NewScientist


US to evict Gabon, Niger, Uganda and Central African Republic from trade program Reuters

Africa vs Colonialism: Why Does the Continent’s Struggle for Self-Sufficiency Remain so Difficult? Internationalist 360


India’s platform workers being flexed to death East Asia Forum

The Koreas

The surge of activity in relations between North Korea and Russia International Institute for Strategic Studies


US hurts own industry as chip war against China seen to fail South China Morning Post

China turning US-sanctioned Xinjiang into a free-trade hub, strengthening geopolitical edge in region South China Morning Post

European Disunion

Six EU countries want to join the Middle Corridor in view of major energy project RailFreight


Israel targets Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp for second time in two days Al Jazeera

Israel’s Long-Held Plan to Drive Gaza’s People Into Sinai Is Now Within Reach Antiwar (Offtrail)

“A Textbook Case of Genocide” Craig Murray. On the resignation of Craig Mokhiber, Director of the New York Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Israel-Palestine war: Hamas and Israel were ‘inches’ away from deal on hostages Middle East Eye. “Sources say Qatari-mediated negotiations to release women and children fell through when Israel launched ground operations in Gaza.”

The looming storm: Israel, Hezbollah, and the risk of regional war Anadolu Agency


Islamic Resistance in Iraq vows to expel US troops Al Mayadeen

Director Wray’s Opening Statement to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs FBI. “As the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism, the Iranians, for instance, have directly, or by hiring criminals, mounted assassination attempts against dissidents and high-ranking current and former U.S. government officials, including right here on American soil.”

The Match Lit in Yemen May Force Saudi Arabia and the U.S. to Take a Stance Haartez

The Questions for Egypt Protean Mag

Egypt is ready to sacrifice millions of lives to protect its land from invasion: PM  Middle East Monitor

Bolivia severs ties with Israel over war in the Gaza Strip, as Colombia and Chile recall ambassadors CNBC

Washington doubles down on claim arming Israel ‘beneficial’ for US workers The Cradle


A public dispute over “the stench of propaganda” at The Financial Times Gilbert Doctorow

Did China recently remove Israel’s name from its maps? Pekingnology

New Not-So-Cold War

Putin says Russia must prepare for additional Western sanctions Anadolu Agency

Russia says it will shoot down all F-16 fighter jets promised to Ukraine in 20 days Anadolu Agency

“A pile of nonsense: authorities should deal with anonymous people briefing from President’s Office” – senior Ukrainian official on Time article Ukrainska Pravda. Danilov on the TIME takedown of Zelensky.

SCOTT RITTER: John Kirby v. Russian Military Consortium News


Tank production grows sevenfold in Russia RT

As Ukraine Loses More And More Of Its Best Leopard 2 Tanks, It’s Turning Back To Old T-72s Forbes

GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT ENHANCING U.S. DEFENSE PARTNERSHIPS War on the Rocks. “It is evident that alliance-wide capabilities are essential to ensuring that militaries can operate together, and that there is sufficient production capacity across the American, partner, and allied defense industrial bases.”

South of the Border

Deadly Strain The Baffler. “How the UN sought to deny its role in Haiti’s cholera epidemic.”


B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

HSBC Takes Stab at Using Blockchain to Modernize London’s Antiquated Gold Market Bloomberg

Imperial Collapse Watch

Biden Administration

Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning’ Inspired President Biden to Bolster Security Against AI Threats IndieWire

White House Executive Order on AI Gives Sweeping Mandate to DHS Tech Policy Press


Trump’s plan to bring back mental institutions Axios


What Does Google’s Code Yellow Reveal About How They Treat Their Users In Search? Digital Information World

Here’s a rare look at Google’s most lucrative search queries The Verge

The unsettled legal question looming over the trial Big Tech on Trial


Canada Finally Realizes It Needs To Factor In Housing And Healthcare Capacity To Immigration Plan The Deep Dive


“AI, Ain’t I A Woman?” On the Blindness and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence Lit Hub


How a Lucrative Surgery Took Off Online and Disfigured Patients New York Times

Digital Phenotyping May Worsen Epistemic Injustice in Psychiatry Mad in America

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

How GoGuardian Invades Student Privacy Electronic Frontier Foundation

Facebook Finally Puts a Price on Privacy: It’s $10 a Month Wired

Police State Watch

The climate crisis is pushing Washington’s prisons to the brink High Country News

Court Tells Cops That A Driver Not Laughing At An Officer’s Terrible Joke Is Not Reasonable Suspicion TechDirt

The Bezzle

WeWork stock falls after move to withhold interest payment on some notes yahoo! finance

Book Nook

Books To Help Us Understand The World? Aurelien, Trying to Understand the World

Class Warfare

The Haunted House of Labor Protean Mag

Poor Kids and War Pigs Compact Mag

Thinking Bigger About What Should Be Ours How Things Work

Anger can lead to better results when tackling tricky tasks – study The Guardian

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