Nutritionist reveals which Hungry Jack’s items she wouldn’t touch, plus healthier options

If you go to Hungry Jack’s, the reality is that it’s going to be tricky to find any menu items that are even vaguely healthy. At best, they are lower in calories than the worst choices on the menu.

There are plenty of choices that are packed full of fat, salt and calories and if you’re craving a burger, they are the ones to steer well clear of.

In truth, there are few, if any, menu options that could be considered remotely balanced or healthy, which makes it difficult to find something that will suit your diet if the goal is weight control, or to eat a balanced meal.

Slightly better options at Hungry Jack’s

Grilled Chicken

1440kJ / 342cal

15.4g fat

663 mg sodium

Whilst not healthy, this grilled burger that’s comes with a touch of salad is relatively calorie controlled, and if you order it without dressing will also be a much lower fat and calorie menu option.


1200kJ / 309cal

13.8g fat

893mg sodium

Whilst nutritionally this option is not as good as the grilled burgers, it is relatively calorie controlled, although unlikely to be overly filling as it has very little salad or vegetable bulk added.

6 Nuggets

1070kJ / 254cal

13.6g fat

410 mg sodium

Not a meal in itself, if you did need a protein (and fat) hit on the go, the calories in 6 Nuggets are reasonable, just go easy with the high sugar dipping sauces.

Keep well clear of these at Hungry Jack’s

Triple Whopper Cheese

5780kJ / 1380cal

96g fat

2010mg sodium

With three times the amount of meat, cheese and sauce, you get a burger with three times of number of calories, fat and salt a typical burger would have. The fat content alone well exceeds the advised daily amount.

Triple Cheeseburger Super Stunner

5353kJ / 1275cal

61g fat

1868mg sodium

It should not come as a surprise that the mix of a triple decker burger, nuggets, fries as well as an ice-cream, means that this high fat mix contains more calories than some adults will require in a day.

Grill Masters Double Angus Bacon and Cheese

5040kJ / 1200cal

77g fat

1500mg sodium

With cheese, beef and bacon and no salad or vegetables of note, and a massive 77g of fat per burger (and that is without any fries), if you have to watch your cholesterol, blood pressure or heart health is general, this is one to steer well clear of.

Grill Masters Pulled Pork and Angus

3660kJ / 871cal

59.9g fat

1080mg sodium

Don’t let the word grilled in the name fool you, any food that contains 60g of fat in a single serve is one to avoid, and with at least one third of the daily calorie requirement for a male, there are a range of burgers that are much better options than this meat and sauce heavy option.

Whiskey River Whopper

3470kJ / 826cal

57g fat

1650mg sodium

When a single burger contains almost 60g of fat thanks to the lashings of bacon, fried onions, cheese and mayo, this option is certainly not heart health friendly.

Susie Burrell is a dietitian and nutritionist and holds a Master’s degree in coaching psychology.

Originally published as Nutritionist reveals which Hungry Jack’s items she wouldn’t touch