Rob Reiner Supports War Until He Doesn’t – Twitchy

Before we begin, let’s state that we don’t believe that Rob Reiner is a real person on Twitter. The Tweets are pure fortune-cookie empty declarations. There’s no interaction and even AI could generate smarter Tweets. Then there’s his monomaniacal focus on Trump. On the day his legendary father, Carl Reiner, passed, he Tweeted twice. We believe that it’s possible Reiner may have died in 2017 and has been replaced with a Soros/Obama Tweet bot.

Our latest Reiner post shows that if Rob had a mind of his own, it’s completely in sync with the current liberal talking points, as our friend Schadenfreudelish points out:

Yes, it’s real. And it’s pathetic.

Remember when “either you’re for us or you’re against us” was the calling card of Bushitler McFascist?

We just said this.

Reiner puts the “ass” in asset. He had a bunch of shady lefty characters in his so-called “Committee to Investigate Russia“.

Principles? Now that’s comedy worthy of the director of “Spinal Tap” (it kills us that Reiner was actually a talented director once).


We all know this, but Roseanne has the microphone to really say it – and we thank her. BTW, he’s still obsessively on the Trump Derangement Diet – at least three meals per day.

Narrator: the clown in bed with the CIA is also a soft-headed “let’s just sing ‘Imagine'” progressive.

In short, yes. As long as the military-industry complex has mandatory CRT training, they’re good with it.


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