Singing in undies

IN his own way, Jack Black is a “Swiftie.”

During the “Give Back-ular Spectacular” fundraiser in Los Angeles on Oct 25, Black was in attendance to perform a stand-up comedy set, as the fundraiser was in support of SAG-AFTRA members who have been affected by the ongoing strike.

After his set, Black is caught on a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) taking off his shirt and asking for song requests. Rejecting a song that is tied to one of his films — due to the strike forbidding members from promoting past and future films —Black then settled on Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”.

“Yes, I know that one. Everyone knows that ****ing song,” the School of Rock actor said.

Belting out the chorus in just his rainbow boxers and socks without background music, Black gets a few lines out, along with a few kicks and awkward dancing, before descending into his usual gibberish singing once he forgets the lyrics, somehow staying in tune the whole time.

The fundraiser, which also featured appearances by Bryan Cranston, LeVar Burton, Lily Tomlin, Patton Oswalt and numerous others, eventually raised US$500,000 (RM2.3 million) from donations.