The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

The final dissolution of the Ottoman Empire took place with the formal abolition of the Ottoman Sultanate. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey performed this on November 1st, 1922. Today is the 101st anniversary of the end of the Ottoman Empire. Many have written about Erdogan’s speech saying Israel is engaging in war crime, but by implication, not Hamas. Erdogan has also expressly hinted at the Ottoman Empire. It was the Turks who overthrew the Byzantine Empire in 1453. They attempted to conquer Europe in 1683. Egypt, Syra, Iraq, all of this region was under the Orroman Empire. He is hinting that they should all be part of a new Empire. This is what our Model has warned about by 2025.

He will take the side of Hammas because this is about the restoration of power. This is why I have warned that Turkey may be part of NATO, and the US has bases there with nuclear weapons and troops on the ground. Then you have the conflicts within the EU. His government has very clearly marked the 100th anniversary of the creation of the modern republic, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, with a statement from the presidential spokesperson Fahrettin Altun that boldly declared that a new international structure. Altun said this is because the UN Security Council “and similar international structures are unable to solve global problems in full and have even begun to deepen them and lead to crises.”

The ground is being laid for the rise of Turkey. Indeed, Turkey has a greater military force than Italy and ranks 11th in the world. It has 895,000 people in its military, with 355,000 active personnel. Turkey has 3,045 tanks and a budget of $17.3 billion. It can easily rise as the dominant force for the Middle East.