Vivek Ramaswamy Just Finished ‘Game Of Thrones’ Marathon, Now Has Genius Ideas For Israel-Hamas War

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, the unlikely and unlikeable presidential candidate, enjoyed a brief surge, fueled by the douchebag demographic, but it’s impossible to continue a campaign without people eventually getting to know you. That’s proven fatal for Ramaswamy.

A new Iowa poll shows Ramaswamy at just four percent and, worse, his unfavorables have doubled since the first two Republican debates when Nikki Haley split him open like a piñata.

Ramaswamy truly is terrible and has alienated Republican voters, even while making garbage statements that you’d assume would appeal to the same people who overwhelmingly support Donald Trump.

Last weekend, Ramaswamy told the audience at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas if “Israel and Mossad want to … take out every last leader of Hamas wherever they may be hiding, from Doha to Dresden — host a ‘Red Wedding’ at the Four Seasons in Qatar the next time [Hamas leaders Khaled] Haniyeh and [Ismail] Mashal show up — they should go ahead and do it.”

A “Red Wedding” is apparently a “Game of Thrones” reference, which is how you know Ramaswamy takes foreign policy very seriously.

He went on: “[I] would love nothing more than for the [Israel Defense Forces] to put the heads of the top 100 Hamas leaders on spikes and line them up on the Israel-Gaza border as a sign that October 7, 2023, will never happen again.”

What this fool’s describing is a war crime, similar to the vicious brutality the Japanese military police, the Kempeitai, inflicted on Chinese people during World War II. Judy Mosbergen wrote in her book, In The Grip of A Crisis: “I could see the bloodied head of a male Chinese on show … After a week’s exposure, the heads eventually shrank and turned blue-black … It was truly a disgusting sight.”

Well, maybe not if you’re Vivek Ramaswamy! Although, it’s hard to tell if he just talks tough, but would vomit while wetting himself if he had to personally witness the gruesome spectacle he proposes or if he’s sadistic enough to get off on it. (Please don’t say “why not both?” in the comments.)

Even Piers Morgan, the guy who probably spends his evening cutting up photos of Meghan Markle, told Ramaswamy, “That’s not diplomacy. That’s gonna be pouring a bucket of fuel onto a raging fire.”

Ramaswamy churlishly dismissed Morgan’s wokeism and claimed, “I actually think that might be far better as an alternative to a prolonged ground invasion of Gaza involving a bunch of civilians.”

Cue second Nikki Haley gif:

Historically, this sort of brutality doesn’t curb further violence. It only escalates it. A stunned Morgan replied, “But isn’t that the kind of medieval barbarism which they perpetrated on the people of Israel on October 7?” And yes, Piers Morgan is smarter and more humane than Vivek Ramaswamy. There had to be someone.

Ramaswamy has also proposed involuntarily committing people suffering from mental illness as a “solution” to violent crime. He’s trying to out-gross Trump, who wanted to build a big, dumb border wall and ban Muslims from the US. He’s succeeding up to a point, but it hasn’t translated into a significant polling bounce. Republican primary voters have politely taken a closer look at Ramaswamy and are rightly disgusted by what they see, festering underneath the unctuous MAGA humping.

As Peter Hamby suggests in his Puck article, “Death of a Salesman,” Ramaswamy doesn’t actually stand for anything. He’s anti-woke, anti-DEI, anti-ESG initiatives — “a jumble of words and letters that have little meaning to everyday voters.” Trump at least had a clear message during the 2016 primary. Ramaswamy is just Trump without the charm, and yes, that is a very damning statement.

Hamby writes, “If Trump wins the White House, maybe he’ll get a job in administration. Maybe he’ll run for governor in his home state of Ohio. Maybe he’ll get into podcasting. Maybe, like a lot of presidential dropouts, he’ll parlay his newfound fame into a TV gig.” Of all the horrible things that could happen if Trump returns to the White House, those rank somewhere in the middle.

Vivek Ramaswamy Wants To Phantom Zone Mentally Ill People Because That'll Fix All The Crime

Vivek Ramaswamy Wants To Phantom Zone Mentally Ill People Because That’ll Fix All The Crime


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